31 Ottobre 2020

Breve scheda sul nostro organismo


:: A "wonderful machine"
Our organism is like a wonderful and complex machine who makes us live in a natural way, utilizing a big quantity of activity that we can do during the day (wake-up, wash ourselves, work, eat, digest, relax, etc...).

Let us take a comparison with a new car standing in a showroom, in exposition: it is all new with the elbow-grease to lubricate the perfectly cleaned engine. As soon as it is started up, all of this equipments, gears, circuits stressed by the engine who spins (although at the minimum only) produce some slags, some impurities that derive from the fact of being in movement (and that they will need periodical maintenance, coupon, reparations, etc...).

Going back to our body, wonderful machine, it also continuously produces some wastes, some toxins that are necessarily produces only because we are alive (we remember somebody about the organs we always have in motion, like our heart,our lungs, our kidneys, our stomach, our intestine, our muscles, our bones...)

We were finding that we produce toxins that accumulate in our body, also only because we are just living!!! But thinking about it, we accumulate toxins that come from outside too, for example from the polluted air we breathe, from sophisticated and adulterated food, from the atmosphere and from the sun that everyday become less and less our friend – widthways on we need to protect us from their action that is not any more like a long time ago – and so on...

One of the most important points to take always in consideration is that our “wonderful machine” is not been created to run beyond our limit without blaming problems neither to run at the most of own characteristics and possibility for a very long time, as those very recurrent words known as stress, overwork (physical and psychophysical), etc., would come out as consequences.
In other words, without doing all the same brush, it would be desirable that each one of us, in a good health, allowed our organism to enjoy the right time for it to solve or adapt to always new situations in which er are in from the morning to the evening, as much as possible in a natural way...

“How quickly, but where are you running, where are you going?” Who does not know it? Everybody knows it and nobody take care about its real meaning!

Everyday (unfortunately, our daily scenery is this) we take a “wake up”” pill, we go to work in a hurry and find ourselves in a queue breathing smog and other craps; in performing our tasks we have to do it as fast as we can and we take a “bye-bye-gastritis”pill for the gastritis, in the lunch break a “mirage-50kg” pill to lose weight, in the afternoon a “gain-2-hours” pill for who is in arrears with his/her job, to come back soon a “come-back-home-Lassie” pill, to have a quick shower a “how-clean-you-are” pill, to obtain good results at the gym a “you-are-the-strongest-not-the-others” pill, to fight the tearing pain of training, bites of “here-is-better-there-no”, then drink a chamomile tea with the last pill (we hope!) “goodnight-and-sweet-dreams-in-20-seconds”!!!

...and all this, in sharp contrast to our grandparents who used to go to the countryside WITHOUT a clock, as the flow of time was give given by the route of the sun in the sky. I do not want to be accused of “oldness, nostalgia” or anything else, but I cannot do without noticing that, before using any remedy to little health annoyances they suffered, our grandparents used to wait a little saying “let´s see if it passes on its own”, and this time was used mostly to use natural remedies that could help Nature to effectuate just a little before (just a little, surely not 3 tenths of a second!!!) necessarily reparations and retrofit of cuts, hurts, headaches, drops, indigestion, flu, vomit, diarrhoea, …

N.B.: all the things indicated from now on might seem strange, but it is true!! Returning to our old people, to which we referred first, they gave their organism the time to clean and to recover from events seen as natural and which were not lived as situations from which get out as soon as possible.
For example, they used to wait for their headache to pass on its own, maybe helping themselves staying in the dark or with a scarf to get close in front, and so on.
In the next episodes I am going to take in consideration some examples that will be able at least to think over and try to practise and report all the realized successes (and failures).

… let us start from here.
N.B.: all the things that are going to be say from now on, are only for those healthy organisms on which these principles can be applied, as organisms with bad pathologies or severely debilitated (including children and old people) NEED to be brought on an optimal condition BEFORE letting the Nature do her normal operations of maintenance-

When we burn, the first thing that we can notice is the formation of a blister more or less extended, just where we burnt. As the injured tissues need a reparation and this requires time, a wonderful mechanism starts to avoid that anything that touches where we hurt and that needs time until the below tissue´s natural reparation happens. Understanding the aim of this mechanism it is hardly recommended NOT TO PUNCTURE THE BLISTER (all the advantages mentioned above would be less) and wait for it to burst on its own (and this will happen at the right time, that is when skin will be ready).

Now I find myself to face a tragedy of teenagers that use any mean to eliminate the problem they have in pubertal age: ACNE!!!
To understand the mechanism that makes the organism let out from the body dangerous substances that could hurt it it is enough to think of the good housewife that tidies the kitchen; after eating and washing-up the kitchen everything that is not good or useful any more is thrown in the trash: rubbish. This “rubbish” (toxins, poisons or other words referred to human body) MUST be thrown away and it is necessary to empty the garbage can to keep it ready to collect (and eliminate again) other rubbish.
If we try to imagine that the housewife does not want to empty the garbage can, then she will compact in it the wastes to make space for the ones of the following day, and so on...

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